Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Benedict's Brother - the story so far . . .

I am an author and Benedict's Brother was my debut novel.

The book was written between 1997 - 98 but was rejected by the big publishers.  The manuscript languished in my bedside drawer for 8 years, burning a hole.

In August 2006 I launched the story on the internet in instalments. It received a loyal following.

In May 2007 it was launched as a paperback by a small publisher and instantly became Borders Bookstores biggest launch of an unknown author in the UK that year.

Six months later it was selected as a Top 3 Book of The Year in UK Publishing News alongside that year's highest selling and highest acclaimed novels.

It is now being developed as a film backed by some of the top names in the UK independent film industry.  And I am now represented by the agent of my dreams.

Benedict's Brother is the moving story of a young woman asked to scatter her uncle's ashes from the Bridge on the River Kwai.  She does not know why.  It is a story of love, death and Buddhism and the journey to meet a brother she thought she once knew.

Join me in my journey as my book is turned into a film.  The first outline script moved me to tears in three places . . . I am meeting the director and producer tomorrow . . .and I have been invited back to Thailand for a location recce. My heart is full of joy.



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