Friday, 20 July 2012

A Bit of Bill Nighy on the Side . . .

Progress continues on the film development for Benedict's Brother and it does feel now we really are making a movie.  

I signed off the first script draft which was a key milestone and we then brought in a leading script developer to shape it up further.  She is fabulous and has worked on some stunning films and major British successes.  I can see why!  She doesn't pull any punches and she is lifting things to a new level.

It is amazing to be working with her on my work.  There's been some key creative decisions I've had to make while learning exactly what it is that makes a film script fly.  The process of identifying the core story has been fascinating but the day we nailed the genre I knew we'd come home.  

I can "see" the film.

Finance continues to come forward too and I've now taken an active role as producer which I'm enjoying and is a tremendous and exciting learning curve.  Who'd have thought?

Introductions have started for casting agents, acting talent and the production contacts made on the first recce to Thailand have become further established.  They are going to be great to work with when we get out there.

For now though, at this stage, the script is King - or Queen depending on your choice.   I'm feeling a real sense of progress and joy as a strong screenplay and fabulous characters emerges and Benedict's Brother comes to three dimensional life.  

There are some lovely, very hardworking and talented people in today's UK film industry and I'm lucky enough to working with some of them.  Loving working with my agent Julian Friedmann who is a beautiful man and an incurable romantic, with the legal team who make a serious job a complete hoot, and with scriptwriter Jessica Townsend who continues to put her heart and soul into every line.

I'm rooting for Carey Mulligan or Emily Blunt.  With maybe a bit of Bill Nighy on the side.

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