Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Big Wheel Keep On Turning . . .

I have signed-off the official second draft of the script! Yay!

After agreeing the first draft by scriptwriter Jess earlier in the year, the team brought in the additional expert help of a top level script developer and editor.  She created a fantastic hot-house of creative and high-level energy which was brilliantly challenging at times but an utter delight and has lifted the script to a beautiful place.  We all loved working with her and Jess did a fine job of incorporating all the intense work, the thrashed-out ideas and the amazing expertise into her subsequent drafts.

We clarified genre, we clarified Benedict's journey, we honed the dialogue, we honed the main characters' journeys and I confirmed the story I wish to see made on screen.  Benedict's Brother came further to life.

I have now signed-off that draft officially and I am in a series of meetings with producers, investors and key industry contacts to take things to the next stage.   There is a director's draft of the script to look forward to yet and the thought fills me with great excitement.

I continue to be bowled over by the level of industry support and interest in the Benedict's Brother film project.  The introductions to acting talent, to directors, to production teams and to investors continue to come forward and inspire.  All are taking the project to the next exciting level.

Thank you at this point to the original investors whose passionate support and long-term belief in me and in Benedict's Brother have helped bring things to this stage.   The "big wheel' that is this movie-making project keeps on turning and I am loving it.  A film cannot be made without the investment that allows creative energy to be realised and I am so lucky to have that.

Special thanks too at this stage to the dude that is Julian Friedmann of BlakeFriedmann and to "Mr" Martin Spooner of Invest Dorset for helping to bring all this together.  Awesome human beings both.

We are well on the road to production and my heart and my soul is with this film all the way.

More soon . . . T x

(With thanks to Tina Turner, J.C. Fogerty and "Proud Mary".)

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