Friday, 29 March 2013

Amazingly Annoyingly Awesome

We’re busy getting ready to go to this year’s Cannes International Film Festival and needless to say it’s exciting!  The thought of sun, sea and the chance to meet and greet and celebrate what we are doing really is a treat.

2 years ago I’d only been there 5 minutes when Johnny Depp walked past and Brad and Angelina were in town on my last day which was cool as was having breakfast on the terrace with the executive team whose film had just stormed that year’s Oscars.  

This year I’ve signed the script off for Benedict’s Brother after it’s official second draft and we’re getting some great feedback on it from the industry.  More investment has been made in the project and I’ve had some amazing meetings with some amazing producers, agents and directors.  Everything has moved forward wonderfully.

However, this is the post where things are going to get a bit annoying I’m afraid as I can’t actually mention the names who we’re currently in conversation with . . . but enough to say that if you were a writer like me you’d want these people involved as they have supported some of the most successful writers in the world. 

And if you were a filmmaker like me you’d want those people involved as they have helped create some of the most successful and memorable films of all time.

And if you were looking for an actress to play the lead in your film you’d definitely want her because she is so incredibly talented not to mention an international star and awesomely beautiful.

I am sorry . . . I told you it would be a bit annoying . . . 

But I will keep you posted, we will go for gold and I promise I won’t scream like a groupie this time if Brad and Angelina walk past . . . I promise . . . 

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